Here is a list of affiliated events that will be held in conjunction with the Seizing an Alternative conference.


Sharing Circles June 5th, 6th, and 7th, 8 am – 8:50 am

Meet in front of Smith Community Center and Peet’s Coffee

Everyone is welcome! Many of us have survived feeling lonely and alienated at conferences. The enormity of the ecologic crisis we are facing at this conference begs for us to reach out and become an intentional community of love and care.   As we hold our own and one another’s grief and range of feelings and experiences about the ecologic crisis in safe sacred circles of sharing we are reminded that truth telling provides intimacy, love and hope. These groups will have leaders and will suggest a simple group agenda, much like a Twelve Step meeting, where we are asked to talk, trust and feel. It is a different kind of sharing we explore when we know that no one will interrupt or comment on what we have said. There will be no cross talk or commenting on what others say and everyone will be invited to share. There will be groups in English and Chinese.

Ministers, spiritual directors, psychologists and dream workers will also be available for scheduled one on one conversation to process feelings as requested.  These appointments will be administered on the community bulletin board and we ask that you leave a note for Bonnie Tarwater requesting a dream worker for example as well as your contact information and someone will call or email you. Dreams may be shared in the morning groups; however there will not be time to explore and honor them, so dream groups and one on one dream sessions will be made available upon request. Please contact Rev. Bonnie Tarwater with any questions or requests etc. (858) 248-5123,

Prayer and Meditation Room

There is a prayer and meditation Room that will be open during the conference on the second floor of Smith Community Center.

Outdoor Altar and Prayer and Meditation Area

On the south eastern corner of Smith Community Center there will be an altar and area designated for prayer and meditation. Everyone is invited to bring flowers or other offerings to the altar. Please contact Rev. Bonnie Tarwater with any questions, (858) 248-5123,