Most of this three day conference will be devoted to meeting in smaller groups about particular topics. These groups are structured in 12 Sections and 82 Tracks (each Track meeting eight times). Each section will begin with a section plenary [Friday, June 5, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM]. Although some tracks will discuss the relevance of Whitehead’s thought explicitly, others will not. To indicate how his basic ideas are nevertheless reflected throughout the conference, each of the opening section plenaries will discuss one of Whitehead’s ideas that has particular relevance to that part of the conference.


Section Plenaries

Friday, June 5, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Section I. The Threatening Catastrophe: Responding Now (Albrecht Auditorium, Claremont Graduate University)

Plenary: “What Can Trigger Transformation?” (Catherine Keller)

Section II. An Alternative Vision: Whitehead’s Philosophy (Benson Auditorium, Pitzer College)

Plenary: “Philosophy is not only for Philosophers” (Helmut Maassen)

Section III. Alienation from Nature: How it Arose (Frank-Blue, Pomona College)

Plenary: “Have You Ever Wondered what it’s Like to be a Mouse?” (Nancy Howell)

Section IV. Re-envisioning Nature; Re-envisioning Science (Claremont United Church of Christ)

Plenary: “Mind vs. Matter” (Philip Clayton)

Section V. Ecological Civilization (Bridges Auditorium, Pomona College)

Plenary: “What Can We Hope For?” (Sandra Lubarsky)

Section VI. Reimagining and Reinventing the Wisdom Traditions—A (Claremont United Church of Christ)

Plenary: “World Loyalty” (Mary Elizabeth Moore)

Section VII. Reimagining and Reinventing the Wisdom Traditions—B (Little Bridges Auditorium, Pomona College)

Plenary: “Spirituality” (Ignacio Castuera)

Section VIII. Reimagining and Reinventing Education (Claremont United Church of Christ)

Plenary: “Are We Really Related?” (Franz Riffert)

Section IX. Reimagining and Reinventing Bodily-Spiritual Health (Thatcher Music Hall, Lyman, Pomona College)

Plenary: “Do Ideas Matter?” (John Sweeney)

Section X. Reimagining and Reinventing Societies and Social Thought (Smith Campus Center, Rm 208, Pomona College)

Plenary: “Extinction Events and Entangled Humanism.” (William Connolly)

Section XI. Reimagining and Reinventing Culture (Smith Campus Center, Theater, Pomona College)

Plenary: “Culture in the Interstices: Finding Ecological Elbowroom in Whiteheadian Propositions” (Luke Higgins)

Section XII. The Transformative Power of Art (Hahn Hall, Rm 101, Pomona College)

Plenary: “Creativity” (Marjorie Suchocki)