Section I. The Threatening Catastrophe: Responding Now

Track 1: Catastrophic Climate Change 
(David Griffin)

The response to the threat of catastrophic climate change will be considered from moral, cultural, and political perspectives as well as technical ones. It is a global threat and a response requires some form of global governance. Accordingly the possibilities and problems of global action will be a major part of this discussion.


Track Schedule:

SESSION 1: Friday, June 5, 2-3.30 pm    

Theme: Introductions

(1)  Self-Introductions of Participants (5 minutes)

(2) Introduction to Catastrophic Climate Change: Reflections on Bill McKibben’s Plenary

 Presentation by Joe Galliani of (30 minutes)

 Discussion (55 minutes)


SESSION 2: Friday, June 5, 4-5.30 pm  

Theme: Short-term Responses to the Threat to Civilization

Presentation by Thomas English (30 minutes)

Discussion (60 minutes)


SESSION 3: Saturday, June 6, 11 am -12.30 pm

Theme: How Can California Provide Even More Leadership?

Presentation by Tom Hayden (30 minutes)

Discussion (60 minutes)


SESSION 4: Saturday, June 6, 2-3.30 pm

Theme: How Can We and the U.N. Help Each Other?

Presentation by Rick Clugston (30 minutes)

Discussion (60 minutes)


SESSION 5: Saturday, June 6, 4-5.30 pm  

Theme: A Carbon Tax: For California and the USA

Presentation by Robert Haw (30 minutes)

Discussion (60 minutes)


SESSION 6: Sunday, June 7, 11– 12.30 pm

Theme: The Importance of the World’s Religions

Rick Clugston (30 minutes)

Discussion (60 minutes)


SESSION 7: Sunday, June 7, 2-3.30 pm

Theme: Efficiency, The Most Important Form of Clean Energy: Retrofitting Buildings

Devon Hartman (30 minutes)

Discussion (60 minutes)


SESSION 8: Sunday, June 7, 4 – 5.30 pm 

Theme: Preparing Our Recommendations

Discussion (70 minutes)

Dwain Deets: Reflection on the previous 7 sessions (20 minutes)



Rick Clugston: Director of the sustainability and global affairs programs of the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary; director of the Sustainable Development Programs of Forum 21; and Co-Director of the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future.

Dwain Deets: After retiring from a 37-year engineering career at NASA Armstrong (formerly Dryden) Flight Research Center, he now focuses on public policy, volunteering for SanDiego350 (a local group) and Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Tom English: Creation Care Educator for the Presbyterian Church’s Synod of Southern California and Hawaii. Has extensive experience in industry, academia, and government. Besides lecturing at dozens of universities, has given 8 White House presentations.

Joe Galliani: Organizer of the South Bay 350 Climate Action Group; co-founder of the Hermosa Beach Carbon Neutral City initiative; co-creator of MB2025 – A 100% Renewable Powered Manhattan Beach by 2025; working with LA County’s Office of Sustainability on behalf of Community Choice Aggregation initiatives; founding board member of the South Bay Bicycle Coalition; a Team Leader with GRID Alternatives; and member of steering committee for Californians for Energy Choice.

David Griffin: Professor of Philosophy of Religion, emeritus, Claremont School of Theology and Claremont Graduate University; a co-director of the Center for Process Studies; author of several books, most recently Unprecedented: Can Civilization survive the CO2 Crisis?

Devon Hartman: After 3 decades as Founder/CEO of HartmanBaldwin Design/Build (during which he won dozens of national architectural awards), he founded Hartman Energy Strategies to help organizations and cities to develop green business processes around sustainable buildings. Also founded the Community Home Energy Retrofit Project.

Tom Hayden: Co-founder of the Students for Democratic Society; former member of the California State Assembly and Senate; director of the Peace and Justice Resource Center; and author of numerous books, including (with J. Baird Callicott) Earth’s Insights: A Multicultural Survey of Ecological Ethics from the Mediterranean Basin to the Australian Outback.

Robert Haw: An engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (in Pasadena), he in 2012 co-founded the Pasadena Foothills chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby.