Section I. The Threatening Catastrophe: Responding Now

Track 3: The Threat of Massive Hunger
(Evaggelos Vallianatos)

 The demand for food of a growing population and the diminishing supply threaten acute global food shortages in the near future. Climate change worsens the prospect.  Thus far high tech solutions have worsened the problem, e.g. by exterminating bees.  This track will consider urgent near-term changes in policy and positive steps individual and communities can take to feed themselves.


Session Schedule:

Session 1 Friday, June 5th, 2:00PM: 

Evaggelos Vallianatos (EV), introduction to the world system of food and hunger; dominance of industrialized agriculture and food; ecological and social effects (15 minutes);

John Ikerd, food and hunger in Iowa (7 minutes); Heather Williams, food and hunger in California (7 minutes);

Q & A


Session 2 Friday, June 5th, 4:00 PM:

Vandana Shiva (VS), food and hunger in India (15 minutes);

EV, export of industrialized food and hunger to the tropics (7 minutes);

Ikerd, economies of hunger (7 minutes); Williams, water for food in Latin America (7 minutes);

Q & A


Session 3 Saturday, June 6th, 11:00AM:

The green revolution: VS, 15 minutes; EV, 7 minutes; Ikerd, 7 minutes; Williams, 7 minutes.

Q & A


Session 4 Saturday, June 6th, 2:00PM:

The land grant / agricultural universities: Ikerd, 15 minutes; EV and Williams 7 minutes.

Q & A


Session 5 Saturday, June 6th, 4:00PM:

Genetically engineered food: EV, 15 minutes; Ikerd and Williams, 7 minutes;

Q & A


Session 6 Sunday, June 7th, 11:00AM:

Global warming, food, hunger and agriculture: EV, 15 minutes, Ikerd and Williams, 7 minutes;

Q & A


Session 7 Sunday, June 7th, 2:00PM:

Agroecology, food and hunger: EV, Ikerd and Williams, 30 minutes;

Q & A


Session 8 Sunday, June 7th, 4:00PM:

Land reform, food sovereignty, and ecological civilization: EV, Ikerd and Williams, 30 minutes;

Q & A