Section X: Reimagining and Reinventing Societies and Social Thought

Track 2: Process Philosophy and Eco-politics
William Connolly and Les Muray, chairs

When politics was degraded to a question of who gets what, when, and how (Laswell), it was rendered unable to help us respond to the ecological crisis in which we find ourselves. Alfred North Whitehead can help us reimagine political theory, and in the process help us to renew the conditions for life to flourish under contemporary conditions.



Session I: Friday, 2:00 to 3:30

Chair, Bill Connolly

Kathy Ferguson, “Process Ontologies and Anarchist Process Politics”

Bhrigu Singh, “Thresholds of Life: An Anthropological Reading of Deleuze and Whitehead”

Davide Panagia, “Influence Beyond Transmission: Whitehead and Datapolitik”


Session II: Friday, 4:00-5:30

Chair, Jane Bennett

Thomas Dumm, “Un-Managing the Infinite: Being at Home in the Anthropocene”

Jairus Grove, “Dirty Cosmologies: Noise, Dust and Decay in Whitehead and Serres”.


Session III, Saturday, 11:00-12:30

Chair, Kathy Ferguson

Anand Pandian, “A Processual Ecology of Cinema”

Jeffrey Bell, “Infinite Ecologies: Whitehead, Deleuze and the Life of Territories”

Les Muray, “Embracing the Ambiguity of Creativity”


Session IV, Saturday, 2:00-3:30

Chair, Naveeda Khan

Simon Glezos, “Process Philosophy in an Accelerating World: Whitehead and Ontologies of Speed”

Lars Toender, “Filling the Process: Democracy, Ecology and Comic Politics”

P. J. Brendese, “The Last Shall Be First: Whitehead, First Nations and Eco-Disaster”


Session V, Saturday 4:00-5:30

Joint Session with the “Entangled Difference..” Track

Chair, Catherine Keller

Jane Bennett, “Leaning Toward Nature: Whitman and Process Philosophy”

Brian Massumi, “Virtual Ecology and the Question of Value”


Session VI, Sunday, 11:00-12:30 (Joint Session II)

Chair, Tom Dumm

Clayton Crockett, “Plasticity and Change: Rethinking Difference and Identity with Catherine Malabou”

Romand Coles, “Agency, Receptivity and Eco-Political Processes”


Session VII, Sunday, 2:00-3:30

Chair, Davide Panagia

Naveeda Khan, “Theology of Climate Change: Misplaced Concreteness in Whitehead”

Kam Shapiro, “Words and Trees: Communicating Nature in Benjamin, Deleuze and Whitehead.”

Alexander Livingston, “Means, Ends, and the Politics of Coercion: A Pragmatist Perspective”


Session VIII, Sunday, 4:00-5:30.

Chair, Les Muray

Erin Manning, “For a Pragmatics of the Useless, or the Value of the Infrathin”

Collective Discussion led by Les Muray