Section XII: The Transformative Power of Art

Track 6: (Bilingual) Ecological Aesthetics: East and West 
(Meijun Fan, Yuedi Liu, and Carl Welty)


Track 6 will consider aesthetic theory as it has developed in East and West and how this has expressed itself the arts. It will particularly examine the differences between Chinese aesthetics and the Western tradition and ask whether Chinese perceptions of the natural world could modify Western anthropocentrism is a beneficial way.


Session Descriptions:

Session 1:

The introduction of the track: Ecological Aesthetics, a Whitehead’s perspective

Chairs of the session: Carl Welty and Liu Yuedi


  • Carter: Nature Aesthetics and Art:  Shifting Perspectives West and East
  • Meijun Fan: Ecological Aesthetics, a Perspective of Organism


Session 2:

Chairs: Yi Yong and Carter


  • Carl Welty “Western Aesthetic – Linear Perspective And Deterministic View Of Nature”
  • Li Ling, Ph.D


Session 3:

Ecological Aesthetics: a Chinese Perspective

Chairs: Joseph Thomas Tolliver and


  • Tamara Ramirez: Restor(y)ing the Land and the Self: Lily Yeh’s Community-Based Artmaking in the East and West
  • Wei hua: Home Consciousness In the Chinese Landscape Painting of Northern Song Dynasty


Session 4:


  • Arlene Hopkins: Environment And Community Based Ecological Design
  • Hao Pingting
  • Deng Jun


Session 5:


  • Liu Yuedi: Chinese  Aesthetics of Everyday Life and Humanization-Culturalization of Nature 
  • Barbara Mesle: TOWARDS ECOLOGICAL AESTHETICS: the Power of Storytelling
  • Luo Yunyun: Ecological awareness in Chinese ancient guqin (one of the ancient instrument in China) music


Session 6:

Join session with the track 7 of Section XI The Built Environment


  • Carl Welty: “Ecological Aesthetics That Can Be Constructed Now”


Session 7:


  • Joshua Link , Landscape Architect
  • Chen Wangheng: Ecological aesthetical meaning of Chinese ancient view of Fengshui
  • Qi Jun: Landscape Aesthetics: From Preference to Ecological Aesthetics


Session 8:


  • James Miller
  • Chu Qinghua : The Idea of Qi and Nature of Chinese Ancient Time