Section II. An Alternative Vision:  Whitehead’s Philosophy

Track 1:  Whitehead and Analytic Philosophy   
(Dan Dombrowski)


The dominance of analytical philosophy in the English-language world has led to Whitehead’s virtual exclusion from most departments of philosophy. However, there are a growing number of analytical philosophers who recognize the value of dialog with Whiteheadians. This track will take up this dialog and seek to enlarge and advance it.



Friday, June 5:

2:00 session 1= George Shields, “Logic, Transcendental Argument, and the Quantum Vacuum”

4:00 session 2= Godehard Bruentrup, “Whitehead’s Panexperientialism and the Renaissance of Panpsychism in Analytic Philosophy of Mind”


Saturday, June 6

11:00 session 3= Leemon McHenry, “The Merits and Demerits of Analytic Critiques of Whitehead’s Metaphysics”

2:00 session 4= Donald Viney, “Whitehead and Russell on Religion”

4:00 session 5= Randy Ramal, “Animals and the Limits of Ethics: Coetzee, Whitehead, and Recent Analytic Philosophy”

Sunday, June 7

11:00 session 6= Michael Epperson, “A Mereotopological Bridging of Prehension and Extension in Whiteheadian Cosmology”

2:00 session 7= Ichiro Hirata, “Actual Entity as Action”