Section II. An Alternative Vision:  Whitehead’s Philosophy

Track 3:  Whitehead and Continental Philosophy (B)   
(J. R. Hustwit)

 There are many productive points of contact between Whitehead and the various European philosophical traditions informed by Kant, phenomenology, existentialism, and related trajectories. When faced with the interwoven economic, ecological, and political crises of the 21st century, what hope can European philosophy together with Whitehead offer the world? We will discuss approaches that gather insights from European philosophy and Whitehead in order to press those insights into the service of societal transformation. We will also worry the problem of the problem, namely how a historically contemplative discipline can bring about meaningful action. 



William Hamrick
George Lucas
Jeremy Fackenthal
Keith Robinson
Hollis Phelps
Alan Van Wyk
Aljoscha Berve
Dennis Soelch
Steven Shaviro

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