Section III. Alienation from Nature: How it Arose

Track 1. What is Civilization and what are its Consequences for Human Relations to the Rest of the Natural World? 
Rosemary Radford Ruether, chair

 This track will examine the rise, nature, and effects of civilization, showing how far it is from the norm of ecological civilization. It will give special attention to the attitudes toward the natural world that it has expressed and fostered and the expressions of these attitudes in custom and practice.

1. Friday: 11-12:30, section 3: Rosemary Ruether” “What went wrong with Civilization?”

2. Friday, 2-3:30:  Phil McKean, “Bali, Indonesia.  Cultural and Ecological Processes:  Pre-history”

3. Friday, 4-5:30,  Zayn Kassam, “Civilization, Globalization and Oil:  The Production of Phobia, Terror and War.”

4. Saturday, 11-12:30:  Dirk Van der Horst, “Music and Alienation in Western Civilization”

5. Saturday:  2-3:30:  Anand Veeraraj,  “Transforming Axial Paradigms in Seizing an Ecological Civilization.”

6. Saturday: 4-5:30:  Sarah Robinson,  “Sustainable Soil and Seed:  Historical and Contemporary  Civilization.”

Phil McKean
Pat Patterson
Zayn Kassam
Dirk Van der Horst
Anand Veeraraj
Sarah Robinson
Rosemary Ruether