Section IV. Re-envisioning Nature; Re-envisioning Science 

Track 1: Telling the Story: Systems, Processes, and the Present
(Zach Simpson)

Our vision is to assimilate and translate the newly emerging ideas that relate to complexity and systems theories, and then to extrapolate their significance for a world in crisis. This assimilation needs to be intelligible in both artistic and narrative form. We therefore call for storytellers, artists, activists, and gifted communicators to join us in an open-ended, creative quest. Among others, we seek authors of fiction and poetry, gadflies, journalists, visual artists, cultural creatives, independent scholars, prophets and spiritual visionaries, and performance artists. Our goal is to listen to the sessions occurring around us, and then to begin to create new ways of expressing what it is that they are all pointing toward. We aim not to create new knowledge but to communicate powerfully, effectively, clearly. 


Journey of the Universe and Inclusive History as a Context of Meaning

1) Journey of the Universe film showing:

     Response by Lucy Wilson, Loyola Marymount University

     Followed by General discussion

2) The Nature of Cosmology:

     Brian Swimme, California Institute of Integral Studies

     Mary Evelyn Tucker, Yale University

     Paul Harris, Loyola Marymount University

3) From World History to Big History:

     Cynthia Brown, Dominican University, emeritus

     Lowell Gustafson, Villanova University

4) Gaia, Earth Law, and Cosmology:

     Sean Kelly, California Institute of Integral Studies

     Linda Sheehan, Earth Law Center

     Rick Tarnas, California Institute of Integral Studies

5) Cosmopolitics and the Big Journey:

     Sam Mickey, University of San Francisco

     Kim Carfore, California Institute of Integral Studies

     Adam Robbert, California Institute of Integral Studies

6) Living Cosmologies in the World’s Religions:

     Christopher Chapple, Loyola Marymount University

     Chris Ives, Stonehill College

     John Berthrong, Boston University

     James Miller, Queens University

     Heather Eaton, St Paul’s University

     John Grim, Yale University

7) Ecology, Economics, and Cosmology:

     Char Miller, Claremont

     Richard Norgaard, UC Berkeley

8) Time and Flow in Cosmology and Race:

     Elizabeth McAnally, California Institute of Integral Studies

     Carl Anthony and Paloma Pavel, Breakthrough Communities