Section VI: Reimagining and Mobilizing Religious Traditions in Response to the Eco-crisis

Track 3:  Islam and Whitehead in Dialogue 
(Jihad Turk) 


Hot-button topics for American Muslims correspond to points of resonance between classical Islamic and process thought. Where do we draw lines between culture and religion? How can engagement with Whitehead’s thought stimulate reflection on questions of power, authority, gender relations, and environmental and economic justice in Islam?

Presenters and discussants will explore metaphysical propositions abundant in classical Islamic theological discourse that intersect with ideas of process thought. Topics that will be addressed include divine sovereignty and human agency, causality and atomism, the nature of evil, evolution, environmental stewardship, and an Islamic conception of holistic education and human development.

This track will thus provide an important opportunity to bridge Western and Islamic intellectual traditions, identifying the cross-currents that have existed beneath the surface of history for centuries. By expanding the conversation in this manner, it is hoped that a collective ethos can be supported for addressing the pressing ecological and sociological challenges faced by humankind in today’s world.