Section VI: Reimagining and Mobilizing Religious Traditions in Response to the Eco-crisis

Track 5: Thomism and Whitehead: Partners or Opponents?
(Joseph Bracken)


A conversation among scholars familiar with both classical and Whiteheadian philosophy and theology with an eye to assessing the similarities and differences in overall world view. The goal is not to produce a synthesis of the two cosmologies but to establish a common ground where fruitful dialogue can take place.


Oomen, Palmyre. God’s Power and Almightiness: A Comparison between Aquinas and Whitehead,

Hosinski, Thomas. Aquinas and Whitehead on God’s Action in the World

Neville, Robert. Creatio ex nihilo in historical perspective

Masson, Robert. The Tectonic Logic of Rahner and Whitehead on God and Cosmic Evolution

Pugliese, Marc. Revising Whitehead’s category of society in the light of contemporary physics.

Hamrick, William. Meaning and Nature: God and the World.

Cazulas, Roland. God’s Actuality and Levels of Reality.

Sander, Hans-Joachim. Why the Catholic Church Needs Process Theology to Survive in a Precariously Troubled World.