Section VI: Reimagining and Mobilizing Religious Traditions in Response to the Eco-crisis

Track 6: The Role of Whitehead in Indigenizing Christianity
(Andre Cloots)


This track deals with the relevance of Whitehead for the development of Christian thinking in different continents and cultures, all over the world. To what extent has Whitehead’s philosophy contributed to the ‘inculturation’ of Christianity and what are its potentialities (and/or maybe its inconveniences?) in this regard?


– From India:  Thomas Padiyath, Valerian Mendonca, Kalloor Scaria
– From Japan: Toki Nobuhara
– From Philippines: Kenneth Masong, June Castaneda
– From Congo: Mgr. Thibangu, Joseph Mabika, Mutunda, David Ongombe
– From Europe: Jan Van der Veken and Andre Cloots
– From South America: Jung Mo Sung, Raimundo Barreto



Session 1 Friday June 5 2.00 – 3.30

Introduction by André Cloots : “Whitehead and Christianity : which Whitehead, which Christianity?”

Thomas Padiyath: “East – West Inter-mediation: Thinking through Aurobindo and Whitehead -An Alternative to Modern Reductionism”

Session 2 : India Friday June 5 4.00 – 5.30 :

Valerian Mendonca: “An Intersubjective Understanding of the God-World-Human Relationship: The Relevance of Teilhard’s Theistic Teleology and Whitehead’s Self-Constituting Societies for the Reconceptualising of the Ho Christian Worldview as Communion.”

Scaria Kalloor “ Whitehead’s Religious Sensibility and Gandhian Praxis of Christian Message: A New Way of Christian Presence  in India”.

Session 3 (South) America Saturday June 6 11.00 -12.30

– Jung Mo Sung:  On the contributions of process thoughts to Latin American Catholic theology (especially in the perspective of Liberation Theology). 
– Raimundo C. Barreto, Jr., “Changing the Conversation about Indigenizing Christianity: Where does Process Thought fit in the context of a Polycentric and Polyphonic World Christianity?”

Session 4 Philippines Saturday June 6 2.00 -3.30

– Kenneth Masong : “Popular Religiosity and the Emergent Filipino Catholicism: Process Thought and the Challenge of Faith Inculturation

– June Castaneda: title t.b.d.

– Ranhilio Aquino: title t.b.d.

Session 5 : Congo Saturday June 6 4.00 – 5.30

Contributions by Mgr. Thibangu, Joseph Mabika, Mutunda, David Ongombe

Session 6 Japan – Europe Sunday June 7 11.00 – 12.30

– T. Nobuhara (Japan) “Divine Ecozoics and Whitehead’s Adventure or Resurrection Metaphysics in Tandem with Ryokn”

– Jan Van der Veken (Europe)

Session 7 Conclusion Sunday June 7 2.00 -3.30


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