Section VI: Reimagining and Mobilizing Religious Traditions in Response to the Eco-crisis

Track 9: Christian Process Theology
(Bruce Epperly)


Theology is the field in which Whitehead’s influence has been most fully developed. This track will show how that has been expressed and assess the current problems and potentials of process theology. It will consider next steps in its development. We will explore the frontiers of process thinking, joining theology, spirituality, and practice. 

Presenters include:

Bruce Epperly, “Healing Revelation: Inspiration that Transforms Persons and the Planet.”

Clemette Haskins, “Coaching as Spiritual Transformation: a Process Perspective”

George Hermanson, “Church at the Funeral of God: How ProcessChanges the Church.”

Sherri Kling, “Contemplative Process”

Tom Oord, “The God of Non-coercive Love in the Face of Randomness and Evil: An Essential Kenosis Model of Providence”

Curtis Rigsby, “Embracing What Endures: A Christian Proposal in Conversation with Process & Asian Voices”

Martha Rowlett, “Weaving prayer into the tapestry of life – a Process Perspective on a Christian Tradition”