Section IX: Reimagining and Reinventing Bodily-Spiritual Health

Track 4: Extraordinary Challenges to the Modern Paradigm
(John Buchanan)


This track will look at how transpersonal psychology and parapsychology challenge the materialistic foundations of the modern worldview. We will explore how a Whiteheadian event metaphysics can help us better understand the extraordinary phenomena studied by transpersonal psychology, such as extrasensory perception, shamanic healing, near-death experiences, and psychedelic states of consciousness. Some broader implications of a transpersonally-informed Whiteheadian cosmology will also be examined.


Extraordinary Challenges to the Modern Paradigm

FRIDAY, June 5: 

Time Details
11:00 AM—12:30 PM John Sweeney:  Introduction: Hybrid Physical Prehensions

2:00—2:45 PM

Jim Carpenter:  First Sight: Integrative PSI Theory
2:45—3:30 PM John Buchanan:  Whiteheadian Theory of Nonordinary States
4:00—4:45 PM John Palmer:  Parapsychology
4:45—5:30 PM

Panel on Parapsychology and Transpersonal Theory

– Carpenter; Grof; McDermott; Palmer; Aanstoos



Time Details
11:00—11:45 AM Stanislav Grof:  Revisioning Psychology
11:45 AM—12:30 PM

Panel on Transpersonal Metatheory

– Tarnas; Buchanan; Kelly; Gibson; McDermott; Grof

2:00—2:45 PM Robert McDermott:  Steiner and Whitehead’s Esoteric Philosophy
2:45—3:30 PM

Panel on Transpersonal Elements in Whitehead’s Thought

– Weiss; Gibson; Odin; McDermott; Aanstoos

4:00—4:45 PM Eric Weiss:  OBEs and Transphysical Process Metaphysics.
4:45—5:30 PM

Panel on the Metaphysical Status of the Subtle Realm

– Odin; Epperson; Segall; Buchanan; Gibson; Weiss

SUNDAY, June 7:

Time Details
11:00—11:45 AM John Grim:  Shamanism
11:45 AM—12:30 PM

Panel on Premodern and Postmodern Worldviews

– Tarnas; Grof; McDermott; Grim ;Tillinger

2:00—2:45 PM Chris Aanstoos: Toward a Phenomenological Ecopsychology
2:45—3:30 PM

Panel on the Meaning and Implications of Transpersonal Experiences

         – Grof; Weiss; Grim; Buchanan; Kelly

4:00—4:45 PM Michael Epperson:  The Whiteheadian Path from Quantum Physics to Psychology: A Critique of Selected Shortcuts in Parapsychology 
4:45—5:30 PM

Panel on Anomalies in Physics and Transpersonal Theory

– Carpenter; Weiss; Gibson; Palmer; Epperson

Closing Thoughts


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